QM0422 - 100L Boomless Sprayer

  • 100 litre Clear chemical resistant Plastic tank.
  • 11 litre/min.12 volt pump.
  • By-pass pressure regulating system.
  • 8m wide continuous spray swath
  • Two independent BOOMLESS nozzles with isolation valves
  • Height adjustable nozzle mountings.
  • Telescopic hand lance with 5m reinforced hose.
  • Automatic pump start when lance trigger is depressed.
  • Drain valve fitted.
  • 1.2m power cable supplied.
  • Isolating switch include.
  • Spray through fence lines without fear of damaging boom etc..
  • Can be use on uneven terrain.
  • Can be used in confined spaces.
  • Can be used under low lying foliage.
  • Herbicide application.
  • Liquid fertilizer application.
  • Fire break maintenance
  • Crop spraying.
  • Weed control