QuadMaster’s New!
Bakkie Mounted Sprayers and Spreaders.

QuadMaster has launched a range of implements that can be mounted in the bin of you bakkie for spraying and spreading. These
implements can be plugged directly into your trailer plug and are activated when the headlights are switched on. Now you can
fulfil two typical day to day tasks without using a tractor!!
QM-0470 Spreaders

The 50kg capacity LDPE hopper is mounted beyond the tailgate with the spinning distribution disc below. Fertilizer granules, seed or
slug pellets etc., which are carried in bulk in the back of the bakkie, can be fed bin to the hopper by hand. This method will also
ensure that any large lumps are detected and removed, thus preventing the outlet chute from being restricted. The outlet chute
has a convenient adjustable gate which can be calibrated to allow the exact amount of granules or seeds to be released from
the hopper onto the spinning disc below.

  • 80ltr tank volume
  • 50kg max. load
  • 12volt DC motor
  • 2 Amp. Min. – 7 Amp. Max.
  • 2m Power Cable with trailer plug
  • Mounting straps supplied
  • Adjustable outlet gate.
Spot Sprayers, Boom Sprayers and BOOMLESS Sprayers

A full selection of 12 models of Sprayers ranging from 130ltr single tank to 2 x 250ltr paired tanks are available for effectively spraying
fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and liquid fertilizers directly from the back of the bakkie. The BOOMLESS system sprays up to a
maximum of 8m wide using only two BOOMLESS precision nozzles, whilst the 3-piece , 6 nozzle hinged Boom, sprays up to 4m
wide. All of the sprayers come with a telescopic hand lance for spot spraying.

  • 130, 250, 260, 500 litre tank options
  • Fits all bakkies bins. Mounting frame supplied.
  • Activate spray via headlight switch.
  • Independent nozzle isolation control on boom and BOOMLESS options
  • Able to spray through electric fences with BOOMLESS systems
  • Fast set-up time.
  • 12 Volt pump 12.2 litres/min. (2.4 bar)
  • 2 Amp. Min. – 7 Amp. Max.
  • Suction filters supplied.
  • 6m hose with hand lance for spot spraying.
  • Clear LDPE Tanks fitted with drain valves.

Bakkie Mounted Spayers